Distracted driving stories

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Distracted driving stories

The crash occurred Sunday morning on I when a semi plowed into eight vehicles that had slowed down ahead, says the New Cameras Have One Goal: Catch Drivers on Phones Australia's New South Wales may be the first to employ the technology Newser - Australia's most populous state is trying to get people to put down their phones while driving by rolling out cameras to prosecute distracted motorists. New South Wales Roads Minister Andrew Constance says his is the first jurisdiction in the world to use such technology to punish drivers distracted by Cops Go Undercover in Georgia Police hand out tickets under the state's hands-free law Newser - Drivers in Cobb County, Georgia got a little surprise this week when construction workers turned out to be undercover cops, CBS News reports.

The helmet-wearing officers aimed to stop drivers from using smartphones behind the wheel, and wrote tickets at one crossing alone in only a few hours, mostly Teen Driver Who Killed 2 Must Speak Publicly 25 Times Callison Mae Olson will also have to serve 60 days in jail Newser - A Minnesota teenager who killed a former police officer and his university professor wife after being distracted by her phone has been sentenced to 60 days in jail—and 25 speaking engagements on the dangers of distracted driving.

Callison Mae Olson, now 18, was 17 at the time of last Drivers have to pay attention to actual driving when operating a manual transmission, writes Vatsal Thakkar, a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at NYU. Cop Pulled Up to a Light. In the Car Next to Him, a 'Glow' Canadian woman who used Apple Watch found guilty of distracted driving Newser - A Canadian woman says she was just checking the time, a police officer says her mind wasn't fully on driving, and an Ontario judge has sided with the cop.

The National Post reports Victoria Ambrose was found guilty of breaking a distracted-driving law, after a University of Guelph police Even when stopped at Out of Dad's Grief, NY Mulls a 'Textalyzer' Bill Dad who lost son to texting driver want cops to be able to examine phone data at scene Newser - When Ben Lieberman's year-old son died in a head-on collision in New York, he sued to get phone records showing the driver of the car his son was in had been texting.

Lieberman is channeling his grief into a proposal that would allow New York police at accident scenes Witness: Driver Was Texting Before Crash That Killed 13 There's no statewide Texas law against it Newser - A witness says the driver of a pickup truck that collided with a church minibus in rural Texas, killing 13 people, acknowledged he had been texting while driving—highlighting the dangers of sending messages on smartphones while behind the wheel.

Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Conrad Hein wouldn't Driver Kills Man While Allegedly Texting, Gets 4 Days in Jail Judge advises teacher to educate others about distracted driving Newser - A Minnesota woman who struck and killed a man while allegedly texting and driving will spend just four days in jail over two years. NJ Weighs Big Fines for Distracted Drivers but Coffee Is Likely Safe Bill generates a lot of attention Newser - A New Jersey lawmaker wants to slap stiff fines on motorists guilty of distracted driving, which his bill defines as "any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle.

Texting While Driving: Story of teen's fatal crash impacts BHS seniors

Texting on Road Impairs Our 'Sixth Sense' It's worse than other forms of distraction, says study Newser - There are all sorts of ways a person can be distracted at the wheel—kids screeching, sleep deprivation, arguing—and they predate cell phones. But research in the journal Scientific Reports pits two types of distraction being "emotional" or "absent-minded" against texting and finds the latter far You Could Be Liable for Texting a Driver Distracted-driving laws still murky, but more onus being placed on message senders Newser - Court rulings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are taking texting-while-driving laws down a new road, opening the door to not only holding the offending driver liable for a car accident, but perhaps also the person texting the driver, Consumerist reports.

In neither case has anyone yet had to legally The driver said heRaynes, who momentarily took his eyes off the road, swerved into oncoming traffic in an attempt to avoid hitting a [ Breaking Bar is a wireless, self-calibrating, brake light that easily attaches to the back window of the car. The technology used to create the Braking Bar is also used by luxury car manufactures like Mercedes, Cadillac, Volvo, and BMW use in their new automobiles to help keep their automobile occupants safe.

The Braking Bar creators [ The first emergency responder on the scene, a man with twenty years of experience, […]. Last year, Maryland law makers passed a bill aimed at deterring drivers from using their cell phones by increasing the penalty for accidents caused by distracted driving.

The law was inspired by five year old Jake Owen who died in while playing a video game in the back seat of his family car when […]. Pedestrians and cyclists in the United States are suffering deaths by the hands of distracted drivers at an increasing number. The amount of cyclists killed by distracted driving [ Around three years ago legislature in the state of Washington made text messaging and the use of handheld devices while driving illegal.

However, a research study by Beth Ebel published in the Seattle Times showed that nearly one in every twelve people in the state continues to use their phones while driving.

The woman behind […]. The likelihood of a car crash increases drastically with the occurrence of distracted driving. Distracted driving occurs any time a driver takes their eyes off the [ The dangers of texting and driving have taken our nation by storm, and the most prevalent of groups contributing to this outbreak are teenagers. Commonly known for inattentively walking around as their eyes are buried in their phones, teenagers have taken this obsession to the next level as they continue to keep their eyes locked [ The event, which was initially started in response to a teenage girl who lost her life while texting and driving, is just one of the many programs put [ The first emergency responder on the scene, a man with twenty years of experience, […] Kiernan Hopkins.

The law was inspired by five year old Jake Owen who died in while playing a video game in the back seat of his family car when […] Brian Debelle. Accidents 1 Min Read 9th December Distracted Driving Pedestrian and Cycling Death Continues to Increase Pedestrians and cyclists in the United States are suffering deaths by the hands of distracted drivers at an increasing number. Statistics 3 Min Read 18th September Distracted Driving Effects Business Around three years ago legislature in the state of Washington made text messaging and the use of handheld devices while driving illegal.

The woman behind […] Kiernan Hopkins.

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Prevention 3 Min Read 30th November Teenagers Saving Teenagers in Respect to Distracted Driving The dangers of texting and driving have taken our nation by storm, and the most prevalent of groups contributing to this outbreak are teenagers.Maybe even today. Tell us when, and describe their distracted activity. Compared to other postings, how dangerous was your sighting? So sad and concerning to see! Click to Rate Revoke their License!

Car with plate CGA had a blond female passenger going 70 in the passing lane, face staring straight at a phone inher hand. Didn't even see she was pacing and not passing. The vehicle with the license plate "DEVA" was driving behind me and clearly not paying attention.

They were staring at their phone which they were holding on top of their steering wheel. The driver was a male and he was smiling while looking at his screen. Perhaps recording or watching a video. Driver is switching lanes and driving down the middle of 2 lanes on 95 south in North Carolina near mile marker Connecticut plate. Estimating the date.

This gal likes to share IG stories of herself on the road. She's a lifestyle blogger. Of a very short life if she keeps it up:. A young girl was talking on the phone while watching a video near exit 13 on rt. Constant texting and slow driving on the freeway and across the bay bridge across to Oakland. Off white Lexus. Between and 8 am on Monday in South Minneapolis, lady was in merge lane of HWY 62 East with lots of car spaces infront of her then later 77 south.They are talking quietly because the kids are sleeping in the back of the vehicle.

They are crossing the Pattullo Bridge and are driving under the posted speed limit in the curb lane. As they approach the middle of the bridge Terry Fabretti is shocked to see a […].

I was driving down the highway when traffic ahead slowed quickly and I came to a stop. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw the driver behind me had his head down. He was not looking ahead. He crashed into the back of my car. The impact was huge. My car was destroyed, my […].

In May,I was walking up the sidewalk from the Esquimalt dockyard gates on the north side of the road in the middle of a group of sailors on the way to our vehicles. The road in question is a long, slow turn coming into the Esquimalt military base.

I checked for traffic before […].

Study: What Americans believe is biggest threat on the road

Darrel suffered a severe neck injury which rendered him a quadriplegic. When they next saw one another, in the context […].

In January ofI received a phone call while driving. I safely parked my vehicle on the shoulder of the road to answer the call. I was completely off the road with ample space around me when another driver smoked the rear of my vehicle.

I suffered a concussion and there are periods of […]. I was a passenger in small Toyota Matrix. My friend was driving and we were proceeding through a green light at an intersection when all of a sudden another vehicle turned left in front of us.

distracted driving stories

My head was down at the time, but when I looked up, there was a car directly in front […]. When my husband and I were stopped for traffic, another driver hit us from behind at a speed so great that it bent the rims of tires which were in the back of our vehicle and flew forward, hitting the front seats.

I suffered significant whiplash injuries to my neck, lower back and hips. The […]. Three years ago I kissed my wife and kids goodbye and got into my car to drive to work in downtown Vancouver. It was a cold, wet, and rainy November morning. I was thinking about my work day on my way into the office. I was driving northbound with the flow of traffic through a […]. I was involved in a car crash in the fall of in Vancouver. I was 40 weeks pregnant at the time. I was stopped at a red light when without warning my car was hit from behind.

There is no way the driver who hit me was paying attention to the traffic in front […]. I was unfortunately injured in three car crashes between and The first emergency responder on the scene, a man with twenty years of experience, was certain no one could have survived such a gruesome wreck until he heard the screaming. Looking at the picture of her blackened mangled car, many questions remained unanswered: How did it happen? Amanda, who is alive and well, is willing and eager to answer those questions.

She is the first to admit — she was just distracted. All she knows is that this preoccupation, not keeping her full attention on her driving, put her and everyone else driving around her at risk. And, she paid a heavy price for this. And now her purpose is to try to prevent others from making the same senseless preventable mistake.

While laws addressing phone use and texting while driving may help, Amanda understands human nature. We learn by example — and she is willing to be that example of what can happen in just that one second of distracted driving. She knows that just looking at her face — the new, not so pretty one that she will live with the rest of her life — can have more of an impact on some new 16 year old driver than all of those dry statistics.

This decision should be reconsidered by these school boards. Driving is a life skill that all high school age kids need to be taught.

Amanda understands this generation. We are so use to instant information. But, is it really that important? She hopes that others can learn from her experience instead of having to experience it themselves.

distracted driving stories

Amanda is putting herself out there, for all to view and judge — it is not easy. She wants to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and feels that if she can just save someone else from making the same mistake she did it will have been worth it. I had the privilege of interviewing Amanda, and asking her a few questions about the distracted driving epidemic.

Here are a few of the examples of what we talked about. Q: Do you feel that drivers ed would be more effective if it were run through school programs rather than private companies? A: Not only do I feel like it should be run through schools but I believe it should be standardized across the United States. First of all, it should either be the same cost for all students in every state or it should be part of what Americans education tax dollars pay for. Second of all, why is there no standardization for what programs teach?

I understand and recognize that traffic laws vary from state to state but even that is a bit of an issue in my opinion.Instead, a fellow student at the University of Wisconsin had offered her a ride.

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So she would be home later that evening. Shreya never made it. Less than an hour into the trip, the driver took her eyes off the road, for a second or two, to search for a napkin. She lost control of the car and slammed into a pylon under a highway overpass. Shreya, sitting in the front passenger seattook the full impact of the crash.

She died several hours later, at just 19 years old. Doug Ralls has a similar story to tell about his son, Brian. The year-old graduate of University of Florida was on his way to work on Interstate 40 near Brentwood, Tennessee, when a teenager lost control of her car, crossed the median, and hit Brian, head on. The distraction?

distracted driving stories

A cell phone. But, distracted driving—implicated in 80 percent of all accidents, according to the most recent statistics—is a choice, Ralls and Dixit say. Dixit Memorial Foundation to highlight the dangers of distracted driving.

Of course, distracted driving is just one of a number of bad choices teenagers make when it comes to driving. If I had known this, I would never have let Erik ride with him. Horribly, Murakami came upon the accident just moments after it happened. Murakami went on to found the non-profit Safe Teen Driver, an organization that runs a monthly driving program for teenagers.

Here, he simulates the effect of distracted and drunk driving by asking the teenagers to wear goggles and perform tasks that require them to take their eyes off the road in this case, a racetrack.

Crash survivor shares her story in hopes it prevents more distracted-driving crashes

He also travels to schools to talk to students about the responsibilities of driving, bringing with him teenagers who have committed vehicular crimes.

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distracted driving stories

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Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Close this module. Stay in the know!According to the Centers for Disease Controlnine people die every single day because of a distracted driver. Smartphone ownership statistics showcase the prominence of these devices, but what they also illustrate is the focal need for connectivity in our lives.

Almost every teen has a smartphone, and this allows for constant and instant access to their social world; information and even entertainment is merely a tap away, and built in cameras snap memories that serve to document every action or inaction. Phones and devices follow everywhere, and, unfortunately, their presence even has taken a front seat in the car. So while distractions behind the wheel can be attributed to any action that displaces the importance of controlling the vehicle, the presence of smartphones has contributed greatly to the number of texting and driving deaths and other fatalitiesas well as injuries and crashes on the road.

Smartphones are deadly when used behind the wheel, and, for new drivers, their lure is even more worrisome.

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For a generation of teens who have never known a world without the internet, texting or social media, loosening the grip of the device that holds so much relevance over their lives amounts to digital detox. Most teens have no true understanding about their digital dependency. Many assume they can multitask while driving, send a text quickly, surf the internet for an address or just answer a call.

Repercussions are an afterthought, but those quick seconds can change everything. For teens who fail to grasp the dire circumstances of cradling the phone behind the wheel, here are real life stories and statistics that show the horrors, devastation and ramifications of the smartphone distraction and the macabre prevalence of texting and driving deaths:. In response to the rising injury and death toll across the country, states are cracking down on distracted driving and some are trying to enforce stricter standards on the road for newly licensed teens.

But some reports show that while the laws may try to tighten the reins on the digital lure, the impact on teens is minimal. Not all states have implemented universal cell phone bans while driving despite the growing trend of distracted driving crashes. Cutting off the lure of distraction allows teens to focus on the road instead of obsessing over their phone.

Focus by TeenDrive is the latest technology to help parents teach teens safe driving behavior. Discouraging and preventing teens from using their phones behind the wheel requires education about the risks of distraction while also engaging in an honest dialogue about rules of the family and the road.

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Use the above stories to help teens understand the result of a one second distraction, and then enforce your own family guidelines on smartphone use.

Driving and smartphone ownership are privileges that can be revoked, and teens must know that all privileges require responsible choices. Skip to content.

Tanner's Journey of Recovery

For teens who fail to grasp the dire circumstances of cradling the phone behind the wheel, here are real life stories and statistics that show the horrors, devastation and ramifications of the smartphone distraction and the macabre prevalence of texting and driving deaths: A year-old from Alabaster, Ala.

According to reports, the driver collided into a trailer on a local highway. The local coroner said that texting played a role. In Minnesota, a year-old driver killed a father and his year-old daughter when the driver ran a red light because she was allegedly texting. However, if she breaks the terms of her probation, she could serve prison time.

InNewsday reported that texting and driving was now the number one killer of teen drivers on the road. A teen in Washington died after she allegedly was distracted by an incoming text while driving.

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Her car drove under the wheels of a logging truck. A driver who allegedly was texting behind the wheel hit seven-year-old Xzavier Davis-Bilbodragging him nearly 20 feet in the process. The crash paralyzed Davis-Bilbo, and he spent four and a half months in the intensive care unit.


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